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Outcome is a space that fosters meaningful and focussed interactions in the product minded community.

Many mature and growing teams in the world setup communities around Slack groups or they invest in more formal conferences, programs, and events to discuss how to make best investments in the products. 

The Outcome goal is to take the design practices forward for the current user experience challenges for current and unknown devices, issues around ethical designs, to invest in designs that scale, in designing for sustainability, and to design positive experiences for the people for success goals. Services agencies should design for the product goals and not for the deliverables. The product teams should design it for how it scales after that hundredth customer.


8Knorks is an invite-only dinner series for product-minded people who may be founders, or who lead a design challenge for a product teams.

We share a dinner table to discuss the future of design, and its impact on the people for whom we design, around their stories, their success, and their constraints. We had a totally immersive design discussion for four hours, on 12 July 2019. See the story and the pictures.

8Knorks, a design over dinner series, in Chandigarh, by Vinish Garg


OUTCOME is a UX design conference that brings a storytelling perspective to products so that we design delightful, scalable, and sustainable products.

We are designing products for customer stories, and the brand story aligns with a customer story only when the experience is also designed for this aligned story. The core objective of OUTCOME is to understand the product design from storytelling perspective.

OUTCOME 2019 happened on 09 February 2019, in the beautiful EDC, Chandigarh. See the OUTCOME conference website for the program, to see the speakers, and how the story unfolded in our promotions. 


PRINT is back. Outcome is working on a magazine that focuses on our work and opportunities for a better success rate of products for traction and growth, for designing right onboarding and customer success points, and for the design as a discipline.

Interested to contribute to the magazine? See details for the call for contributions, and write to us before 30 August 2019.  

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