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About 8Knorks

8Knorks is an invite-only dinner series for product-minded people who are founders, or who lead a design challenge for a product team. 

Our Guests

8Knorks, a design over dinner series, in Chandigarh, by Vinish Garg

Sumit Rampal, of ExpressKCS is a Creative Director, Pixel Pusher, UX Evangelist, Coffee lover, and an Overall Nice Guy. Sumit has around 17 years of creative industry experience working with big and small agencies, startups as well as IT companies catering to both B2C and B2B clients.

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Abhay Vohra, of Net Solutions has 20+ years of experience in digital design. After starting his career as a CAD trainer in 1997, he adopted web design as early as 1998. Since 2002, at Net Solutions, he’s creating, leading and mentoring multi-skilled, cross-functional teams that design and develop digital experiences, through product and service design.

More guests joining…

More guests joining…

The series helps us share a dinner table to discuss the future of design, and its impact on the people for whom we design, around their stories, their success, and their constraints. The table happens to be in one of the better dinner cultures in or around Chandigarh

Design is on an interesting intersection of leadership, ethics, and outcome

8Knorks gives you a chance to admit your vulnerabilities, clearly and loudly because you are never quoted anywhere

How? The names of participants are not made public at any stage of the activity, before, during, or after the dinner. The participants can discuss their vulnerabilities, constraints, the blindfolds, and what stops them to invest better in their learnings and in their work. We, the organizers never quote the participant name while sharing the takeaways of the dinner.

So, you got to choice to be as loud as you want. As clear as you want to be. As critical of anything inside or around you.

The goal is to find directions for a more mature design leadership culture in Chandigarh region, and this design awareness transcends across our teams and network and organizations, to everyone.

Knorks? Knorks are a hybrid model in cutlery – Knife and Forks (source), and so knorks over design dinner series is a good cultural reference.

Apply for 8Knorks

The table is set for 12 July 2019, Friday.

The ticket price is Rs. 499/- (for a private and luxury dinner worth whatever best you can guess), around product design and the future of our work. This is for an 8Knorks dinner!. Outcome serves only vegetarian food, and no drinks.

After you apply in the form below, we will notify all the applicants on the application status. When the final list of guests is ready, we will share the payment specific details

Important: Before you start adding details in the form, check if you have read any articles or watched any videos listed below. This experience comes into play while applying for 8Knorks.

Design’s lost generation, by Mike Monteiro on Medium (article)

The end of navel gazing, by Paul Adams of Intercom (article)

The role of story in experience design, by James Buckhouse of Sequoia (article)

Design in interesting times, Emmet Connolly of Intercom (article)

Storytelling in product design, by Sarah Doody (video)

Storytelling. Narrative. UX. Experience Design, by Michael Margolis (video)

How It Works

8Knorks is an invite-only series where you can apply to join us. All the participants will have real meaningful discussions around the dinner table.

Group size: Each episode will have two or three hosts, and five or six guests. Total number of participants will always be eight at most.

Schedule: We plan to host the first episode in June or July 2019. It happens on a Friday.

Protocol: The series will have a basic protocol so that we make the best use of the time, and we make focused efforts to make it relevant and memorable for all the participants.

Venue: The luxury table serves us in one of the 3-4 top venues in or around Chandigarh. Hyatt? Lalit? Marriott? We need to identify the right luxury.

The hosts welcome the guests and open the first Knork with an introduction to the theme of dinner. The guests open the knorks complying with the theme. The theme and guidelines are shared in advance so that all the participants are prepared to enjoy the best time on the table, for a near-perfect pixel-perfect dinner experience. For example, the participants will get a chance to select the dishes in advance so that we are not spending the time deciding what to eat. This also means that we will have minimum distractions by the waiters around our tables. The participants need to share their takeaways that we will make public.

Let’s discuss tough questions. 12 July 2019, Friday.

Applying for 8Knorks does not cost anything of course. Only the selected guests need to pay themselves to serve themselves the design driven luxury dinner.

For 8Knorks

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