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Raising Tough Questions Around

Why We Work

Outcome talks about our investments in design but the discussions are not essentially about design processes or systems. We are trying to identify bigger issues, and the deeper issues of why we work

The time sheets, discussion threads, and the shared boards make us move and color pixels and CTAs. Design is about its utility in context. Do we make a conscious effort to understand its impact on so many people and their lives, and their network and their lives?

Not many product teams have the budget for user research, and not every design leader has a content strategist on board.

We do not talk about the best results. We talk about our investments in self-awareness and the standards we set for ourselves. Join us for our events and programs.


Outcome hosts different types of events so that we have the right stage for different types of questions and challenges. 

  • An annual conference (Outcome 2020)
  • An invite-only design-driven luxury dinner (8Knorks)
  • An evening with ten-minutes design talks without slides (SlidesBina)
  • A retreat uphill for a mission-identifying design challenge
  • A design workshop that talks about a real-life case
  • A print magazine (Magazine)


Join us at one or more programs and we all can find more strength from each other when we speak about our vulnerabilities and constraints around our work.

We talk about form validations, faceted search, mental models, design systems, and content. We talk about best practices in code, and designing CTAs. Well, is it really about all these? 

If so, we could have been somewhere closer to the preferred numbers on design standardization scale by now. 

It is about the impact of our work for where it reaches, and for how long it stays there making sense.

Our work is our performance. So is the Outcome.

Call for Partners

Be an Outcome partner for all the programs including our annual conference. As a partner sponsor, you get featured in all our digital and offline promotions across all the events, coffee-table discussions, and in ALT tags. For details, write to vinishjg (at) gmail (dot) com.

Get Involved

Want to get involved in running the programs? Write to us at vinishjg (at) gmail (dot) com.