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Outcome plans to rolls out a magazine on product design. We seek contributions from product design leaders to setup a shared reference for our experiences, best practices, challenges, and opportunities.

Since we are working on the first issue, the name, the branding, and the editorial are a work-in-progress, as in November 2019.

Print is back.

Design will be in your hands.

See the backstory in this email to our mailing list. Outcome is a strong advocate of products for Intent, and hence the magazine is Iutcome–which means Intent for Outcome.

The Outcome magazine


Call for Contributions


Your topic must be relevant to the theme of the Outcome. The audience should find it useful and interesting to read, and they should have something meaningful to gain, and discuss with their friends and in their community.

There are no authoring guidelines though we expect your writing to be formal yet simple, and clear enough for readaibility. We reserve the right to suggest edits in your message, in the article structure, or in the writing style.

The article should be in minimum of 1200 words and a maximum of 2000 words. You need to provide all artwork, images, illustrations, as required.


Your articles are your own property and you have complete rights to distribute, print, reproduce, your own work for any purpose, in any format, anytime, after one month of the date when Iutcome is issued to public.

To contribute to Iutcome, write an email with following details:

LinkedIn (optional)
Twitter (optional)
Title of proposed article (you can change it later)
150 words summary of article

If you have been writing on similar and related topics, you can send us complete article itself, via email.

About Iutcome

All articles, advertisements, and artwork, and digital assets in the magazine are copyright properties of their respective owners, authors, and designers. To reprint, redistribute, quote, or to reproduce, contact the owner of that property, artwork, content.

Advertise, Your Chance

Outcome organized its first conference in Feb 2019, with absolutely no brand, no history, and no budget. a first of its kind in Chandigarh. Also, I am excited to share that folks from the conference are applying to 8Knorks, our invite only dinner series, in Chandigarh.

Iutcome may reach a few people, or a few more, or may be in the hands of key leaders in a few organizations, in India and elsewhere. For us, it is a promise and you got a chance to take the risk, to outreach your products and services to the readers. If you are open to talk about advertisement options, write to us and we will share relevant details. Lets us hope that it a fair game for all.

Important Dates

28 February 2020: Our conversations for your contributions open

30 April 2020: Submissions close, entries are not accepted after this day

20 May 2020: Advertisements close

First week of July 2020: It goes to print

Second week of September 2020: Iutcome is in our hands

Outcome is committed to make more sense in the world.

Write to me at vinishjg (at) gmail (dot) com for any questions, thoughts, or for your interest in Outcome programs.

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