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Update on 01 April 2020: We have closed the Outcome memberships as we need to restructure the program because of Covid-19. Stay tuned.

Welcome to the Outcome Insiders Membership program.

Outcome matches our voice for your voice in your calls on the value of design investments, and product strategy. We work with you to share a table where you operate with the highest standards of work practice for your leads, customers, employees, and the community in general.

The Outcome 2020 calendar is up now and we kick off with the annual conference in February. Outcome brings the right variety of events so that we do not feel committed to the same types of chairs and asking same type of questions. The calendar looks as:

February 2020: Outcome Conference (see conference website)
May 2020: 8Knorks, an exclusive design-driven invite-only dinner (see example)
July 2020: SlidesBina, an evening without slides (know about SlidesBina)
September 2020: A print magazine (see magazine details)
September 2020: A three-hours UX design workshop
October 2020: A design-driven retreat uphill (less than 12 participants)

We offer you two types of memberships. The membership is a gateway to explore deeper meanings of why we work, why really we move pixels or write code, or wait for the CTA magic for conversions goals. Save more than thirty seven percent (37%) on all the Outcome events and programs in the year 2020.

How Members Save More Than 37% (save thirty seven percent)

Feb 2020: Conference

vhite events: Outcome UX Design Conference, by Vinish Garg

Regular price: INR 3200

Members: INR 3200 FREE

May 2020: 8Knorks

8Knorks by Outcome, a design driven dinner series in Chandigarh, by Vinish Garg

Regular price: INR 1600

Members: INR 1600 INR 1200

July 2020: SlidesBina

For Outcome: A SlideBina event on product UX narrative design, in Chandigarh. By Vinish Garg

Regular price: INR 1200

Members: INR 1200 INR 900

Sep 2020: Magazine

The Outcome Magazine on product design, by Vinish Garg

Regular price: INR 400

Members: INR 400 FREE

Sep 2020: Workshop

vhite work, design for impact, product UX design for the expected outcome, by Vinish Garg

Regular price: INR 8000

Members: INR 8000 INR 6000

Oct 2020: Retreat Uphill

Contact vhite - digital product UX design content strategy startup narrative strategy

Regular price: INR 7600

Members: INR 7600 INR 5700

Get Your Membership

All the Outcome members get a free pass to all the Outcome events and programs in 2020 (and save 37%). See the two membership types and make your own judgment to join us.


Free pass to the six events and programs in Outcome 2020, PLUS:

(A) Get two 1-hours calls with Vinish Garg for any product on its UX strategy, design review, content strategy, or for the sales narrative. These two calls are valid for the calendar year 2020.

(B) Get a private monthly digest of my special emails that are exclusive for members, for the best readings from around the world in a mix of podcasts, readings, interviews, jobs, and industry events.

(C) You have a choice to get listed on this website, with your name and brief profile. So, this can be an extension to your personal brand, and you can opt out of this listing anytime.


Everything you get in Standard membership, PLUS:

(A) One Project

For Agencies: Review of one proposal in response to an RFP. You might be sending amazing proposals and I am sure there are ways to improve the conversions. I will work closely with you for that ONE proposal in 2020 and we shall make it standing tall and shining.

For Products: Review of one pitch that you want to prepare for any purpose, be it for investors or a presentation for your sales narrative. The pitch is your brand voice and I will work with you for that ONE pitch that can really change the game. Possibly.

Here is an example of how I get into my job.

(B) Access to Annual Report: I plan to do a survey on the state of products for multiple dimensions: design maturity, content, strategy and leadership, and product goals. The Leaders members get a free access to this detailed report.

(C) Listed in PRINT Magazine: All Leaders members get mentions in our inaugural PRINT magazine that goes to the press in September 2020.

(D) Earn an Outcome Badge and add it to your consultancy or product positioning to show your *Differentiator* while pitching.

What Leaders Membership Means

Our Leaders Membership opens the door for a possible pilot in working with me. You can use this membership in different ways depending on your business model, and for specific use cases.

You and your team get regular chances to update themselves on design value for business success which means that they are relatively more focused.

An exclusive newsletter meant for all the members to participate in design challenges and polls; they are updated on the latest trends in the industry.

Price: INR 13800

Price: INR 27600

Regular price of all Outcome programs combined for non-members: INR 22000 (minimum)

All Members* save more than 37%

*All the members get access to all the listed events and programs, and the magazine.

You have two options to join Outcome as a member.

Option 1: Direct transfer to the bank account

You make a direct deposit to the bank account and use the transaction ID in the registration form. Here are the bank account details.

Vinish Garg
ICICI Sector 9 Chandigarh
a/c 001301552582
IFSC: ICIC0000013

Option 2: Pay during the registration steps 

Start the registration process and you can see an option to make the payment in one of the steps.

Outcome 2020 Program (work-in-progress as in November 2019)

Outcome, a UX narrative design conference in Chandigarh, by Vinish Garg.

Outcome is committed to make more sense in the world.

Write to me at vinishjg (at) gmail (dot) com for any questions, thoughts, or for your interest in Outcome programs.

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